"Sauleskalns" Big sauna

Guest house and sauna

"Sauleskalna" Large sauna is located in big Jugla bluff in the surrounding of forest.

Here you will feel comfortable both just the two of you as well as in a large company - up to 45 people.
*Available WIFI for free

On the first floor there is a banquet hall, kitchen, sauna rooms and pool.

On the second floor you can play novuss as well as relax in two double and one six-bed bedroom.

The third floor will appeal to children and young people - 18 mattresses will be at your disposal, when you are feeling tired.

In total we can accommodate 30 persons.

In summer, there are places for tents, thus can be organized sports games with a greater number of people.

Catering in "Sauleskalns"

We collaborate with the best chefs in Ropažu region!
Order your meal and make sure about that!!

"Zaķu krogs"

Igor – +371 29 115 629

"Vēja ligzda"

Irēna – +371 28 336 636

SIA "Banketi Jums" (Riga)

Jolanta – +371 27 725 678