"Sauleskalns" Small sauna

Guest house and sauna

In the small sauna will feel comfortable both just the two of you
and a small company of friends - up to 15 people.

 *Available WIFI for free

If you’re cold – warm up in sauna!

We offer a relaxing and energy rejuvenating sauna ritual!

Ritual includes:

  • sauna treatments and bathhouse attendant services 3h;

  • aromatic herbal teas;

  • peeling;

  • steaming with birch, oak, linden, juniper twigs;

  • skin restorative honey mask;

  • cooling in a pond;

  • towels.

For your pleasure and convenience are available:

  • wet sauna;

  • recreation room;

  • kitchen with equipment (dishes, microwave oven, electric cooker, fridge);

  • on the second floor are three bedrooms.

After sauna we advise to cool down in the adjacent pond.

Sauna ritual price per person – EUR 70.

The maximum number of people in one visit - 4 persons.

Catering in "Sauleskalns"

We collaborate with the best chefs in Ropažu region!
Order your meal and make sure about that!!

"Zaķu krogs"

Igor – +371 29 115 629

"Vēja ligzda"

Irēna – +371 28 336 636

SIA "Banketi Jums" (Riga)

Jolanta – +371 27 725 678