Recreation complex


Recreation complex 


Recreation complex

Catering in Sauleskalns

Catering in Sauleskalns


We specially invite children to "Sauleskalns"!

In parallel, to interesting and exciting activities in creative workshop "Sun school" and and to "Sun trail" visit we offer children

- Attractions in children’s playground (swings, sandbox, slide),
- large swings,
- roller coasters,
- trampoline.

We organize activities for pupils (for 1st to 6th grade pupils):

- creative workshops,
- athletic relay races,
- attractive and educational visit to the Sun trail..

Apply in a timely manner by telephone

(+371) 26 301 327 (Ieva).

"Sauleskalns" actual information

Sound object - Sound spruce forest!

What it is and how it sounds - it can not be told, you a must see, hear and enjoy it!

Visit us and see for yourself!

"Sauleskalna" Bird trail invites!

Here you can see 15 birds that lives in Latvia. 

They are special - they know how to tell tales (unless you can read) and knows how to teach your their song (unless you're resourceful and endowed with imagination).

Sauleskalns, ride with off-road car

Have a ride along off-roads!

New in "Sauleskalns" – exciting ride with SUV along off-roads!

Price – starting from EUR 190 (3 h ride for 4 persons).

Call, apply and enjoy!

If you’re cold - Warm up in sauna!

We offer a relaxing and rejuvenating energy sauna ritual!

Find out more about the ritual in section "Saunas".

Sauleskalns transportation

We offer transportation!

For those who want to relax properly, we offer transportation services. 

Details over the phone

Sauleskalns, boat rental

Let’s play Kanopolo!

Kanopolo is an exciting team game on water in kayaks with a ball.

Find out more about the game in section "Active reacreation".

"Sauleskalns" video tour

Catering in "Sauleskalns"

We collaborate with the best chefs in Ropažu region!
Order your meal and make sure about that!!

"Zaķu krogs"

Igor – +371 29 115 629

"Vēja ligzda"

Irēna – +371 28 336 636

SIA "Banketi Jums" (Riga)

Jolanta – +371 27 725 678