Pupil excursions in "Sauleskalns"

We offer excursions for pupils!

A great opportunity for pre-school and primary school children to relax and at the same time learn new things in "Sauleskalns"!

We have created cognitive and walking trail "Sun trail" where you can get to know all 8 Latvian annual customs. Every annual custom is marked by an appropriate Latvian sign, and is available information about Latvian annual custom celebration traditions. Walking along trail, make sure you play the skill game with sporty elements "In Sun footsteps." You will get a glimpse of the ancient festival course and at the same time will enjoy physical activities! This is a fun and class uniting game! Prizes guaranteed for all! The trail is 0.6 km long, easily walked.

Are also available creative workshops, where pupil can acquire skills in work with clubrushes, make your own teetotum or participate in other activities, according to the current annual custom - in Christmas build clubrush decors (puzuri) and bake gingerbread, in Martini and Meteņi make masks, in Easter paint eggs, etc..

Pupils can unload their energy in theme garden, play beach volleyball, mini-football and street basketball, try their skills in walking with stilts and when they are out of strength, fry sausages in camp-fire.

We will treat with tea!

We offer also a special skill race using Latvian ancient household items and activities - yoke, nail hammering, bag throwing, etc.

If you still have the strength and energy you must walk along Bird trail, where can be viewed 15 Latvian birds, read the legend of each and try to imitate the bird's song, as well as to try 8 percussion instruments in Sound forest !

In Christmas we organize a special celebration program for classes with clubrush decor (puzuri) making, mask parade through the Sun trail, log pulling and burning, fortune telling - to tell what can be expected in the next year.
Finally will bake gingerbread, drink tea and play games!

"Sauleskalns" exscursion prices


  • Trail walking with skill game " In Sun footsteps"

  • Creative workshop

  • Skill relay race

  • Bird trail

  • Sound forest

Price 9.00 EUR

Christmas celebration event

Price 9.00 EUR

*Prices are given for one participant For teachers free entry!

Duration of excursion - 3 hours.

If you have decided to come visit us, we will be grateful if you contact us in advance by calling

(+371) 29 403 887 (Janis) 

(+371) 26 301 327  (Ieva)